What activities are offered?



The mountain bike routes start right in front of the hotel. Discover the wilderness of the Ardeche by bike. One-day tours are offered by our guides who take you on great trips to the most remote corners of the Ardeche region. With the gorges of the Ardeche in the background you will pass by viewpoints with sensational panoramas. The choice of mountain bike routes offers all degrees of difficulty and varied terrain: from red Mediterranean soil to stony limestone, there is something for everyone.



show the diversity of the region individually! We have compiled for you the most beautiful routes from 20 to 200 km. Explore the Ardeche Gorge or the Cevennes National Park, see the Pont du Gard and make a detour to Mont Ventoux, legendary thanks to the Tour de France. Almost traffic-free roads lead you through wild gorges, high plateaus, pine forests and lavender fields as far as the eye can see: a real paradise with a Mediterranean climate that will make your stay in the Ardèche unforgettable.

We help you plan your week. You can also rent our GPS devices which contain over 20 different routes.



Climbing in the European Grand Canyon! The gorges of the Ardèche offer great routes (several abseils) as well as numerous climbing gardens. You will be able to have fun with it. Between the granite of the Cevennes and the limestone of the surroundings of the hotel, the possibilities are innumerable in Ardeche. Good plan: the walls of the Chassezac gorges, main tributary of the Ardèche, much less popular with tourists. The degree of difficulty of the routes goes from sporty to technical. There is something for everyone, pros and beginners alike. After climbing, the many rivers and idyllic coves invite you to swim and relax.



Enchanting trails, some of which start in front of the hotel, take you to the most beautiful destinations in the region. We organize trekking weeks several times a year. Ask us for advice.



Cool off in the pool or nearby rivers. The Ardèche is of course very popular among our guests.


Canoeing - kayaking

The Ardèche, famous throughout the world, attracts crowds in the spring. Already in April, as soon as the mercury tickles the summer temperatures, it welcomes kayak lovers. The Ardèche has the well-deserved reputation of being the most beautiful river in Europe. The Pont D’Arc, a geological sensation, and the impressive gorges are fascinating playgrounds for canoeists. In early summer, when the fruit trees are shining in the sun, the tributaries such as the Beaume and the Chassezac are also passable. We offer one-day and half-day canoe tours. Unique of its kind, the 2-day trip through the Ardeche gorges starts from Vallon Pont d’Arc and passes, after 6 km rowing, under the Pont d’Arc, an imposing natural arch of 60 m wide.



Welcome to the Eldorado of canyoning! Evolve between narrow gorges and waterfalls and dare to jump from steep cliffs! Adventure in the heart of nature by following the waterways.



The Ardèche is also a paradise for equestrian activities. There are many rides on the program, from an hour-long evening outing to day-long rides. Donkey rides are also available.



The numerous caves of the Ardèche were formed more than two million years ago. More than a hundred are listed and several of them are open to the public and offer the youngest sensational descents into the earth. This is where the roots of humanity lie. Let your imagination run wild and meet the first humans who lived here 33,000 years ago and created the magnificent cave paintings that are now world famous in the Chauvet cave. The Caverne du Pont d’Arc and the Aven d’Orgnac are also famous worldwide.


Many romantic and relaxing excursions

Many varied excursions await you in the vicinity of Vallon Pont d’Arc.

We will be happy to advise you on the spot, but we would like to give you a taste of our favorite attractions.

The hotel in the middle of the lavenders in Ardèche